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Welcome to the website of the High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight for 2019-2020. My name is Geoff Underwood and my year in office commenced on April 8th 2019, when I was sworn in by His Honour Judge Rodger Hetherington. The declaration ceremony was held in the CECAMM building, as this represents the future of engineering on the Isle of Wight; a subject which I am passionate about. I am honoured to be the High Sheriff this year and hope to prove myself a worthy recipient of the title. I am also very fortunate to be sharing my year with our new Lord Lieutenant. Thank you in anticipation of your support throughout the year. You can contact me via Amy.Shepherdly@ifpl.com

The High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight

Geoff Underwood was appointed High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight for the year 2019-2020.

What is the High Sheriff?

The roles and responsibilities of the High Sheriff on the Isle of Wight along with some history of the Shrievalty.

The High Sheriffs’ Trust

The High Sheriffs’ Trust makes small, but vital, grants to benefit Island charities and community groups.

The High Sheriffs’ Trust

Smaller Island charities and community groups rely on funding and public donations. Your support of the High Sheriffs’ Trust is vital as it allows us to help more of them. Please donate now.


Keep up-to-date with the High Sheriff’s attendances.

Dates to be confirmed, please check back for updates or go to our Facebook page.